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Service Propositions

There has been a significant increase in service propositions and structures available through which clients can direct their investments.

A wrap platform is one such service proposition we examine for our clients. 

A wrap platform, or simply “wrap”, allows an investor to place the administration of all their assets in one place, with the wrap provider. 

Tax wrappers such as ISA’s, pensions and bonds can be bolted on to the wrap allowing them to be easily monitored and managed.

A wrap unbundles the administration from the investment as it can facilitate the ability to buy in the appropriate investment funds offering greater investment choice, flexibility, and cost savings, including access to funds it may not be possible to easily access elsewhere.

It allows for a more transparent cost and charging structure so you can clearly see the cost of advice, administration and investment management.

We utilise two different wrap providers for our clients dependent on their circumstances.  These providers are kept under regular review.

We provide investment advice on a fee basis.  We charge a fee to set up the investments and in relation to any future investments that will be agreed with you in advance. In addition we charge an on-going annual fee of 1% of the total investments we monitor.

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